Hello from Tiny Prism Labs

Tiny Prism Labs Private Limited is an innovation focussed startup ventured in the field of AI/ML, TinyML, Embedded Systems and its intermediates to bring solutions to practical problems from an array of disciplines such as manufacturing, IT,  healthcare, wildlife conservation and agriculture. Tiny Prism Labs a receipent of the prestigious BIRAC BIG grant for technology development from Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. The engineering team at TPL has developed two products and provides AI/ML, Tiny ML and Embedded System services to Technology companies. Tiny Prism Labs has an R&D and operations centre at Manipal-Govt. of Karnataka Bioincubator(Technology Business Incubator) situated at Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka.

Team Skills

Web Development Frameworks like Django, Vuejs, FastAPI

Cloud Platforms & Services like GCP,Azure and AWS

Machine Learning & Data Science like TensorFlow, TinyML, Apache pySpark, Kubeflow, Kserve

Databases like PostgreSQL, Firebase, MongoDB, BigQuery

DevOps Tools like Docker, Kubernates and Airflow

Embedded Systems like ESP32, STM32, Texas Instrument Chips etc

Goals & Objectives

1. Develop cutting-solutions in AI/ML and embedded systems to address real-world problems across various industries such as healthcare, automotive and IoT
2. Become a leading provider of TinyML solutions enabling AI capabilities on low-power and resource constrained devices for widespread adoption
3. Build innovative products in healthcare that can easily integrate into existing systems, ensuring long-term growth and adaptability
4. Focus on creating value for customers by understanding their needs and delivering tailored AI/ML and embedded solutions with the highest quality standards
5. Cultivate an organizational culture that encourages innovation, learning, creativity and excellence


To revolutionize the way the world interacts with technology by pioneering advanced AI/ML, Tiny ML, and embedded systems solutions that are intelligent, efficient, and accessible, transforming industries and enhancing everyday life